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Ypoc 250 inkl. LM

Ypoc 250 inkl. LM Testa Mobile
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Same as the Ypoc 250 it features high quality and modern technology. The high brightness in its class is achieved by combining a 250W discharge lamp with a high quality coated optical system.
Besides its reduced set of features, it is equal to the Ypoc 250.
With 11 dichroic colors plus white, 9 static Gobos plus open, Shutter, Dimmer and a 4,5mW Laserdiode it offers the standard equipment for a washlight in his class.


Technical Data



Lamp: MSD 250/2 Philips, CSD 250/2/SE GE, HSD 250/78 Osram
Average service life: 2000h Philips, 2000h GE, 3000h Osram
Color temperature: 8500k Philips, 8500k GE, 7800k Osram
Luminous flux: 18.000lm Philips, 18.000lm GE, 17.000 Osram

Weight and dimension:

Dimension: 375 x 430 x 450 mm
Weight: 20 kg

Electromechanical effects:

Pan: 540° 16bit (position feedback)
Tilt: 280° 16bit (position feedback)
Gobowheel: 9 static gobos + open
2 glass gobos, 7 metal gobos,
all gobos interchangable
Colorwheel: 11 dichroic colorfilter + white, 12 bicolors
slow rotation to fast rainboweffekt
Dimmer: mechanical dimmer 0-100%
Shutter: mechanical high-speed shutter 0-10Hz

Other effects:

Focus: 2 m – infinity (manually adjustable)
Laser: 4,5 mW laserdiode with DMX control

Optical system:

Projection angle: 15° (optional 18°)
High quality, coated
condensor optics: high light output with an even lightbeam


Outside diameter: 27 mm
Image diameter: max. 23 mm
Thickness stainless steel gobo: 0,15 mm
Thickness glass gobo: 1,1 mm


Protocol: USITT DMX 512
DMX-Channels: 12
Musiccontrol: internal microphone, master-slave function,
gobo-, colorchange and shutter control
with music
Lamp on/off: by DMX or automatic

User board:

-Easy DMX address setting
-Operation hour meter
-Lamp hour meter
-Manual control of all functions
-DMX-Input value readout


-Internal movements
-Separate speed for Pan/Tilt
-Random strobe
-pulse effect
-Master-Slave function
-Audiomode with different zeroposition and different sizes
-When the DMX-signal is lost the audiomode will be switched on automatically if required (especially for clubs)


-4 x M 10 inserted nut to mount a clamp or half-coupler
-2 x mounting plates for wall mounting
-Any orientation

Power consumption:

-230 V/50 Hz 400 W

Included items:

-2 x mountingplate for wall mounting
-3 x spare gobos
-1 x document box
-1 x spare parts box



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